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GIFs are those famous animated images made up of several photos. Symbol of the 90s, this format has experienced a comeback in recent years. They flourish on Tumblr as well as on Google+ and Twitter. But it’s not always easy to find the right GIF in Google search results. To help you find the ideal GIF, you can use a well-designed dedicated engine with lots of stock images: GIPHY . The design of the site is minimalist and allows you not to get lost in multiple menus. You have several possible search options. By type of “reaction gifs”, the most used format, by classic search or by tags. The most popular tags are also highlighted, with currently plenty of creations dedicated to Breaking Bad.

Gifs Are Those Famous Animated


Each GIF has an embed code, which makes it easy to embed in a blog post or web page. A handy feature that saves time. Giphy also offers a Chrome extension, as well as access to its API, which offers many possibilities. Note also the category “Gif artists” which offers real original creations  Italy B2B List that change GIFs that we see running all day on the web. You should therefore easily find your happiness on Giphy. We are all aware of it, or almost. But still, it’s hard not to take it into account. Mobile phones have become indispensable daily companions in our lives. Indispensable, really? We use it all the time, whether to relieve boredom, to check a detail in a discussion, to keep up to date with the latest sporting events or to take photos.

The Design of the Site Is Minimalist

 Italy B2B List
Italy B2B List


This of course poses many problems, starting with the almost total absence of downtime: we always have an occupation, eyes riveted on the smartphone being the basic fallback position. Another black spot of this omnipresence of technology is our inability to live in the moment, to share entire moments with our friends and loved ones. This is not intended, of course. But by dint of referring to our laptop every 5 minutes, we forget that the real does not wait to unfold. This video written by Charlene deGuzman (who is also the actress) and directed by Miles Crawford is a small slap reminding us of this fact. The opportunity to start off on the right foot? A must watch, its success in just three days says a lot about its quality.

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