Gmail Allows to Send an Email to Any Google Plus User

Sending an email without knowing the recipient’s email address is now possible with Gmail. Although this may be true You simply need to be registered on Google. Just like your interlocutor. The new feature has just been announced by Google. And it’s already available. google-plus-mail To send an email Lebanon WhatsApp Number List to a person. Without knowing his email, it’s very simple. Go to the To, Cc, or Bcc address field. Start writing his name and his identity will appear.  In terms of confidentiality. There is no need to cry foul the recipient’s email address does not appear if you do not know it.

Need to Be Registered on Google


To know it, you will have to wait for the answer of your interlocutor, if he deigns to answer you. moreover, Category if you are using the default inbox. And if you Lebanon WhatsApp Number List don’t want to use this feature, that’s totally possible. Go to your email settings, General tab and change who can email you via Google+.

In Terms of Confidentiality

Lebanon WhatsApp Number List
Lebanon WhatsApp Number List


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