Gmail Celebrates Its 9th Anniversary: ​​a Look Back at the Stages of Its Evolution

In 2004, Google had found nothing better than to present its messaging system… A first of April. A few days ago, Gmail celebrated its 9th birthday! The Mountain View company is taking advantage of this ninth anniversary to retrace the history of messaging in an infographic. Since its launch, Gmail regularly offers new features and that’s good! A look back at nine years of development in nine key dates, from beta to the new interface. April 1, 2004 – Google introduces Gmail. Like many online tools, Mail is first offered as a private beta. Only a few users can therefore access it. This is the first webmail coded in AJAX. At the time, Gmail offered 1 gigabyte of storage… That is 20 times more than the majority of ISP messaging in 2004.

Google Introduces Gmail


Google launches Google Calendar . If the agenda is not directly linked to Gmail. The system is fully integrated and allows you to no longer miss your appointments! October 22, 2008 – The Gmail application for Android is available. Apple followers will have to wait three more Australia WhatsApp Number List years to benefit from it on iOS (iPhone & iPad). March 19, 2009 – Canceling the sending of an email is now possible. A very practical feature, only available after activation via the Google Mail laboratory. July 7, 2009 – The beta is over. It therefore took more than 5 years for Google to complete this test phase. But in 2009, the solution was already complete and open to everyone.

the Gmail Application for Android Is Available

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Maximum storage size increased to 10 gigabytes. On Gmail, the size of the mailbox changes regularly. In eight years, storage space has been multiplied by 10! June 28, 2012 – Gmail has 425 million monthly active users. That day, Google’s email went ahead of Hotmail. November 27, 2012 – The maximum size of attachments goes from 25 MB to 10 GB. Enough to send large files by email ! In reality, the user goes through Google Drive to send his large attachments (up to 5 gigabytes for free). March 28, 2013  A new interface for new messages. Already available in beta version for a few months. Find all the developments offered by Google messaging in an infographic. And to go further, do not hesitate to consult our selection of 25 tips for Gmail .

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