Gmail Tip: Know When Recipients Have Read Your Email

To send a long message or an important message, emails are often the best way. They’re easier to find than private messages sent on social media. Can be much longer than text messages, and you can add attachments with just a few clicks. Yes, but here it is: unlike SMS and Facebook messaging. You can’t be sure that your message will open. You sometimes wait for a response for hours. But your recipient Georgia WhatsApp Number List always has an excuse. This laconic sentence will soon no longer work. A Gmail extension allows you to obtain a read receipt without warning the interlocutor! This is a simple extension for Google Chrome, Streak, installed in seconds on your browser. Streak lets you add features to Gmail: create templates, track sales or customer service, track bugs, etc. A real CRM integrated into Gmail.

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One of the features of this tool, activated by default, allows you to track email openings. You are alerted when your email is opened, via a Chrome notification. You can also check on each email if it has been read. Streak also works if you send your email to multiple recipients. however, you won’t Georgia WhatsApp Number List know who opened the sent email, just the number of people who read it. In use, the tool seems to work well, and it’s totally transparent on the side of your interlocutor. We simply regret the complex overlay added to Gmail, which is not always pleasant.

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Georgia WhatsApp Number List
Georgia WhatsApp Number List


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