Google AdWords announces new mobile ads focused on moments

Millennials are curators and sharers of content, while younger generations tend to be collaborators and creators. They also differ in how they communicate, what they focus on, how they see the world, and their ambitions. Marketing to both, however, has to be creative, as most traditional methods can fail. These generations have spent their lives selling heavily; they’re not interested in the typical method and will use ad blockers to block it. 5. Video usage, complexity and relevance KPCB 2016 Internet.

AdWords Announcement Scoop

Trends One of the most creative ways to engage with these content sharers, curators and creators is through video. Platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram are growing rapidly due to two generations’ love for Denmark WhatsApp Number List video and images. The graph shows the exponential growth in video views per day for the two major players. Are you participating in these spaces and the content is meaningful? Are you engaging your audience with great stories that match the evolution of your communication?

Mobile ad formats in 3 verticals

According to the introduction, smartphone usage is increasingly becoming camera + storytelling + creativity + messaging/sharing. Brands have a great opportunity to get their name in front of the right audience. Meeker said in her presentation that Gatorade’s Super Bowl Snapchat filter was seen by more people than the actual game itself! 6. Messaging Platform KPCB 2016 Internet Trends Messaging has also become richer in the internet realm over time. It’s not a simple conversation, it’s an expressive communication.

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