Google Images: Complete Overhaul of the Service

Google has just announced on one of its official blogs an overhaul of its Google Images search engine. The Mountain View company will launch a brand new interface in a few days. Clearer, faster and above all more efficient. This redesign is particularly inspired by feedback and criticism from users and webmasters who regretted the slowness of the service. A faster, more efficient, and more ergonomic search The first screenshots uploaded by Google show a modified search results display. To deselect the image and return to the search page, simply scroll down.

A Faster, More Efficient, and More Ergonomic Search


There will therefore no longer be a need to click on previous, nor to multiply the “right click, open in a new tab”. The novelties are particularly glaring, if we compare the two Indonesia WhatsApp Number interfaces for an identical request. Featured metadata The image selected by the user will show metadata such as size, title, source or resolution directly on the main page. No need to pass the cursor over the image to get this information. Also note, a change in the loading of the source page once you click on the image. No more over-displaying the image on the page as displayed above, impractical and above all very slow to load. A “Visit Page” button will now be available to take you to the site where the image is hosted.

Once the Image You Are Interested

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A small revolution that could greatly improve the ergonomics of the service.. When we look at the statistics country by country, we notice that the United States is the first concerned: it represents nearly 40% of requests worldwide! We are thus the third country in the world to request information from Google about its users, behind the United States and India. Germany, the United Kingdom, Brazil and Italy follow.

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