Google Keep, Google’s Note-taking Service

The rumor had been circulating for several days. A new Google service had been spotted by several users on the Internet, before disappearing. The latter is called Google Keep and has just been officially presented by the Mountain View firm. If you are a regular user of Evernote , the new tool from the American giant should not disorient you. Overview of the new tool, simple but effective.

Google Keep is therefore a direct competitor of Evernote. Its main features are Note taking . With the possibility of including a title for each note. Synchronization between the web interface and the Android application, Adding one or more photos (or not) to each note, The written conversion of the notes dictated orally.

The Rumor Had Been Circulating for Several Days


In terms of note taking, no frills: if you want to take more complete notes with neat formatting (we think of notes taken in class by students for example), you will always have to use Google Drive or other options. However, if you don’t want to forget a task to complete, such as an article to Brazil WhatsApp Number write or an ingredient to buy at the local supermarket, Google Keep may prove to be very useful. This is what the interface of the new service looks like, when several notes are saved.

It is therefore possible to add (or not) a title to each note and assign it a color to find it more easily. You can also dictate a note orally, delete a note or prefer to archive it. A search field is accessible at the top of the web interface and on the mobile application. Google Keep also supports adding lists and “crossing off” completed tasks.

In Terms of Note Taking

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This feature is strangely reminiscent of Google Tasks, the tool for managing tasks. Will the service also disappear, like Google Reader ? Google Keep is currently only an extension of Google Drive, but could very well integrate other Google services soon. At the moment, Google Tasks has a number of additional features, like adding a deadline, integration with Gmail and especially Google Calendar. Users have already stormed the comments of the application on Google Play to request the addition of these features, which could prove very useful… and sound the death knell for Google Tasks.

We will obviously appreciate the synchronization offered by Google Keep between the web interface and the Android application, via its Google account. This is immediate, allows you to save your notes and find them regardless of the terminal used. Finally, note that the web interface of Google Keep is responsive : enough to easily access your notes and add new ones, even when your phone is not based on Android. In short, all that’s missing is drag & drop management to make it easier to add images to your notes.

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