Google Launches a Credit Card

The information is certainly anecdotal but it is also highly symbolic. Already present on many fronts, Google has just launched its own credit card! It’s only available in the UK at the moment but should be coming to the US soon.  The idea is to more easily track spending on keyword purchases.

It will therefore be impossible to shop with it, to use it elsewhere or even to deposit money in it, it is simply a question of advancing you money for your campaigns which you will reimburse with interest up to 11.9%. Borrowers could be eligible for £60,000 per month, according to CNET . To offer these credit cards, a partnership has been established with Barclays group. In the United Kingdom and Comenity Capital Bank in the USA. An ad that follows Google Wallet , the online payment solution.

The Information Is Certainly Anecdotal


Google, however, indicates that it does not want to enter the financial sector. For now ? Business to follow, the diversification of the Mountain View giant could well continue. The democratization of the Internet has generated a race for innovation at multiple levels: technological, economic, political and social. The differences are obviously marked between the countries which often have Uganda WhatsApp Number very different visions of the nature, aim and potential of the network of networks.

This study, called the Web Index , analyzed no less than 61 countries in their use of the Internet according to three criteria: Web Readiness: the quality and extent of connectivity in the territory coupled with the political, legal and educational aspects related to the Internet. Web use: the number of Internet users and the content offered to them. Impact: the effective impact of the Web on the social, political and economic dimensions.

Already Present on Many Fronts

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The methodology used was very strict, as explained in the report.  Sweden is therefore 1st in the ranking with in particular 90% of the population using the internet. The United States, pioneers of the web, are second, present in the first four places of the three criteria mentioned above. The infographic below allows you to quickly visualize the main figures, but we strongly invite you to consult the site which presents all the statistics very clearly for each country. A 50-page PDF is also available for a more complete analysis of the results.

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