Google Maps the Good Resolutions for 2013

The new year has arrived, bringing with it its share of novelties, changes and good resolutions. The principle returning each year. It is not always easy to find new objectives, especially when those taken last year have been respected. To help you determine your good resolutions for the new year, Google brings together contributions from Internet users around the world in a dedicated interactive map . On the map, you can discover the resolutions taken by Internet users, all over the world.

These are categorized into eight distinct categories: love, health, career, money, family, education, good deeds, and other. Google normally offers automatic translation of resolutions, but it is not quite functional at the moment. It could however make it possible to discover whether local specificities are remarkable. The tool also allows you to propose your own resolution for the year 2013.

The New Year Has Arrived


Note that Google moderates the resolutions: these are integrated into the map within 24 to 48 hours, after validation. The service is quite nice; we simply regret the low number of good resolutions displayed on the interactive map. Is it due to too much moderation by Google or a simple lack of interest from Internet users? In any case, there remains a little less than a year to keep these Latvia WhatsApp Number commitments…

To measure the determination of the contributors, the ideal would be to propose at the beginning of the year 2014, a similar map grouping together the resolutions held and those postponed. The enthusiasm was great yesterday.

Changes and Good Resolutions

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Admittedly, the software is about ten years old, but given the price of the latest versions (from 1,800 euros), this news seemed excellent. A good way to practice for students or to troubleshoot occasionally for Internet users. Many high-tech news sites and blogs picked up the news all over the world, so the servers were quickly saturated. It would ultimately seem that Adobe’s position is a little less open than that. The editor thus affirmed on its forum that it absolutely did not offer a free version of CS2.

But rather than wanting to cut support for this software, they simplified the installation process for customers who already had a CS2 license. But the result is ultimately the same, and everyone rushed to the fault. Finally those with an old generation computer, the beast not running Windows 8 or Mountain Lion. In other words, Adobe CS2 is still downloadable from their site for free, but not legally if you haven’t purchased a license. A somewhat vague situation, and an observation: Adobe was able to verify the popularity of its products with this massive rush of Internet users. The software remains downloadable for the moment, but therefore illegally.

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