Google News, Spying on Webcams and Sochi’s Report

Thank God It’s Friday! And like every Friday, we have selected a few articles noticed on the blogosphere. Spying on webcams by the British secret services, a superb Game Boy cosplay. In the first place ,the many new Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List Google releases of the week… There’s something for everyone! Have a good weekend, and see you Monday. The institute paints a portrait of the Internet user. Ultra connected, exposed and committed, who is he, what is his network? A complete focus on the use of tablets, social networks and the consumption of content on the Internet.

The Scandal of the Week: Massive Spying on Webcams

The scandal of the week comes from England: millions of webcams have been spied on by the British secret services, via Yahoo Messenger. We also learn that between 3 and 11% of video conversations captured contained images of nudity…If you’re creating media Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List campaigns on Facebook, you’ve probably already got your hands on the Power Editor. Very powerful, the tool is also a real ordeal in terms of design and ergonomics. But Facebook has just made great improvements. The Twitter France blog has just posted a “Twitterian” retrospective of the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. A great opportunity to relive the highlights of these games, but also to see how the athletes and the media used the micro-blogging tool during the event.

The State of Play of the Week: Chinese Social Networks

Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List
Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List

Benjamin Descamps offers us this week a synthetic inventory of social networks in China. A panorama very different from what we know in Europe! An excellent introduction Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List to learn more about Sina Weibo, RenRen, Tencent, and the particularities of the Chinese market. Tablets are one of the symbols of mobility. And yet: according to several studies relayed by Geeko, they would be mainly used at home. Only 20% of them connect to the mobile network. It’s mainly a question of cost: 3G tablets are more expensive and sometimes require a dedicated subscription.

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