Google Presents 3 Tools to Protect Freedom of Expression

In recent days, data privacy on the Internet is under attack from all sides. Between the NSA which monitors address books . The same NSA which monitors communications in France. And the Senate which offers the authorities access to connection data in real time. In other countries, censorship is the rule. Internet users cannot access the websites of their choice. In order to protect freedom Venezuela WhatsApp Number List of expression. And fight against censorship, Google has just presented three tools from the Google Ideas projects.

Project Shield: Protect Websites Against Ddos Attacks


For the moment, only sites offering independent information. Related to human rights or elections are invited to join the project. You can request your invitation on the Project Shield website . Digital Attack Map: visualize DDoS attacks in real time Second tool: Digital Attack Map . This is a real-time map that identifies DDoS attacks around the world. It allows you to view the countries Venezuela WhatsApp Number List targeted, but also the source countries and the volume of data transferred. You can go back in time to the beginning of June and view the evolution of transfers since that date. Digital Attack Map: Visualize Ddos Attacks in Real Time

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If the first two tools focus on protecting websites and visualizing attacks, u Proxy is a project to secure your connection. It also allows you to share this secure connection with your friends. Google says people’s information should be kept private. and the internet should be protected from filters, surveillance and indiscretions. The tool will soon be available to everyone. But still needs to be Venezuela WhatsApp Number List improved. If you are technically savvy, you can join the u Proxy project to perfect the tool, via a form available on the u Proxy website .Yesterday evening, Google presented its financial results for the third quarter of 2013.

Once again, these exceeded expectations. It must be said that Google services are numerous and used by many Internet users: the search engine obviously, but also Gmail for emails, Google+ for sharing, Google Calendar for getting organized and YouTube for watching videos… Simple to take in hand, these tools are full of more or less hidden features, to go further.

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