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But, like a small child, he needs time to learn. Google needs time to learn to read your site and understand its content and structure. Factors that the SEO expert must control For Google to make your site read and understood, the expert must control many factors that come into play when it comes to SEO. The website itself Once you have your website, you’ll want to do a full website analysis on it. Do an audit and check for missing tags . Normally, I check canonical tags, title, tags, description, META keywords (YES, they still matter), headings (H1, H2, H3), text to image ratio, outline tags, and much more. I could go on and on, on this particular topic.

But this is a very important aspect. It tells Google , Bing or You and others how to READ your website. If there are errors, it gets confused and moves on to the next website. That is why it is very important to make sure you have everything Ecuador Phone Number in perfect order. Website content I tell people that their website needs more content. They are often confused. Do you think, images? It’s not what I mean. The photos are fine. But remember that Google is very dumb and blind. You need a lot of text. Not just any text. But text that is relevant to the topic of your page. The more text you have on your page, explaining what it’s about, the more information Google will have to put your site where it needs to be.

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The more relevant content you have, the better your site will rank . Keywords / key phrases When it comes to keywords or phrases for SEO. One or two words no longer work. Here’s an example. I have a client who owns a car decal shop. You know the side decals that decorate high-performance cars? When my client started his business, he used keywords like Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, etc. I told him that this was too broad a strategy and it would be like trying to run uphill, carrying 50 kilos on your back. Also, I told him to use long-tail keyphrases, which people actually write about. Key phrases like, “2008 Ford Mustang Stripe Kits”, etc. Long -tail keywords have a MUCH better chance of ranking.

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more specific to your term, and MUCH less competition. local SEO Local SEO generates reviews, mentions and registrations which also play a big role in SEO. Although there are hundreds of local directories and thousands nationally, work on the local ones to help improve your rankings. The SEO expert will also help you drive more local traffic to your website . Getting listed as a business on Google or Bing is fine, but it’s not enough. Without local SEO you are losing important local traffic. Backlinks or backlinks You don’t just need links. You need backlinks that are relevant to the industry you are in. Stay away from paid links. Google has them identified and will penalize you. Also, many of them are not relevant to the topic of your website.

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Therefore, strictly limit yourself to links from blogs, directories, article sites, networking sites, etc. that are relevant to what your business does. Also, find backlink opportunities from domains with very high authority and few outbound links from them. Stay away from link farms. They will give you little or no value. Media and social networks In today’s world Google likes to see signals from social networks. I’m not talking about getting likes on your Facebook page. Although Google may also like that a bit. For me, “likes” or “likes” are just a matter of vanity, not even popularity. Google wants to see social interactions, mentions of your website with an embedded link.

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