Google Reader Closes, How to Save Rss Feeds?

Thunderbolt: Google announces the closure of Google Reader on July 1st. So you have three and a half months to pack your boxes, save your RSS feeds and migrate to a new tool. The news caused a stir last night: in the middle of a press release presenting a new “spring cleaning”, the Mountain View firm therefore formalized a rumor that no one wanted to believe. Launched in 2005, Google Reader previously made it possible to follow RSS feeds to stay informed of news from favorite sites and centralize alerts. Save your RSS feeds If you used the service frequently, you might find it hard to live without it.

Fortunately, there are a number of alternative tools. You must first save your RSS feeds. To export your data before leaving a Google service, you must go through Google Takeout each time . For your RSS feeds, the principle is the same. Go to the tool, then choose the option ” Selection of services ” to choose only the data linked to Google Reader.

A Plug-in to Read Rss Feeds on Mozilla Firefox


Google Takeout will estimate the size of the generated archive and you can download it. It therefore contains all of your RSS feeds, which you will then import into a new  feed reader. Alternatives to Google Reader Fortunately, there are many similar services. Many appreciated the Cameroon WhatsApp Number simplicity and the few very useful features of Google Reader, but we will have to get used to it. Sage , a plug-in to read RSS feeds on Mozilla Firefox If you are using Mozilla Firefox, you can use Sage: this is an in-browser plug-in to track your RSS feeds.

Its 44,000 users have given it a 4-star rating in the Store, so you can opt for Sage risk-free. The tool is simple and efficient, notably supports RSS and Atom feeds, and OPML import/export. Feeder , an extension to read RSS feeds on Google Chrome and Safari If you use Google Chrome or Safari, the best is probably to turn to Feeder: the service includes the same features as most readers and allows you to be alerted via a notification when a new article is published.

Save Your Rss Feeds

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Convenient so you don’t miss any info! Note that a version for Mozilla Firefox is under development. Feedly , an efficient alternative with a Google Reader API clone A number of Internet users, and they are very numerous, use RSS feed readers based on the Google Reader API to organize them. The life of all these tools is therefore threatened. But some services have seen the closure of Google Reader and this is particularly the case of Feedly. The service will indeed clone the API of Google Reader (Normandy project) to allow its users to continue using Feedly without any problem. It is therefore an alternative for which you can opt without risk.

The service is available on the web, for Google Chrome, on the App Store and on Google Play. Once the ideal service has been chosen and your stream saved via Google Takeout, all you have to do is use the tool for importing the alternatives presented. Except for Feedly and Feeder, which can directly import your feeds present on Google Reader. A practical feature that not all tools include.

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