Google Tag Manager Tutorial Part 1: Tracking Outbound Links in GTM Version 2

These tools allow you to host an entire instance of the tool on your own infrastructure. This means that only your business can access the data and you can be sure. That consent to your aggregated website tracking is not required. 4. Opt-in If you can’t use self-hosted tools you must give users an opt-in. There are two possible solutions to this. The first is the soft opt-in method. With this approach, you must notify visitors when they first visit your site. And any further actions taken on that site will be tracked.

Part 1: Tracking outbound links

At this point, you must give them the option to opt out of tracking. This approach is commonly used in European countries such as Germany with strict existing data privacy laws. It is unclear whether the new e-privacy Antarctica Email Lists regulations are still acceptable. The second method is hard opt-in. This is the safer method as it will certainly be compliant when the law is issued, but is more intrusive for users. With this method, you will ask users for their consent before they start browsing the site.

1. Enable the click URL variable

This can be done via a popup box on the first page they visit for the first time. 5. Offer the possibility to opt out If you need consent from users to get their data under the new regulations, you need to provide them with a way to change their minds and opt out at any time. By law, this needs to be available to users at all times. The best way is to have a dedicated page detailing your tracking, allowing users to opt out.

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