Guide to Social Media Protection

Bitdefender is a service specializing in computer protection, and more specifically in the fight against viruses and malware. With the explosion of web 2.0, malicious software has adapted and also spread on social networks. Bitdefender has therefore just published a guide which identifies these threats, and warns us of the risks we run. Several lessons are particularly interesting. Beware of scams on Facebook Fake viral videos or enticing, too-good-to-be-true deals promising you $40 Apple phones usually hide malware. These enticing proposals are in fact scams. Here are the most common: Who visited my profile? Rihanna’s sex tape with her boyfriend Who visits my profile?

Beware of Scams on Facebook


Check if a friend deleted you Say goodbye to blue Facebook If you see this kind of status pass, you are warned, do not click. Bitdefender also provides valuable advice to secure your account. Securing Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Viadeo Twitter and Google+ are less prone to Turkey WhatsApp Number List scams and viruses than Facebook, or at least less crudely than their competitor. But there are flaws nonetheless. Bitdefender lists them, and gives valuable advice to avoid disappointments: shorten the links sent , check that you are on, beware of geolocation… On Google+, the connection is secured by an SSL encrypted connection. A good thing obviously but which should not prevent us from remaining cautious, in particular by monitoring the public information that we broadcast on the web. And even if we think less about it.

Securing Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Viadeo

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Turkey WhatsApp Number List


LinkedIn and Viadeo can also be a gateway for hackers. So be sure to check your privacy settings. To find out more, you can consult the complete guide put online by Bitdefender: Bitdefender Social Media Protection Guide from Bitdefender Global. PowerPoint is Microsoft’s software for creating presentations. It has been part of the Office Pack since the early 90s. Although today there are for creating an online presentation, the software remains the most used tool, especially at work and in college. Like most tools in the Microsoft Office suite, PowerPoint is easy to learn but full of more or less hidden features. So here we have collected 25 tips you need to know to master the software. You’ll learn how to present a slideshow remotely, keep your custom fonts, compress images, include a YouTube video, and convert a PowerPoint to a Word or PDF document.


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