Hack Photoshop Cs6 in 4 Steps: Excellent Adobe Video

We had left Adobe in the middle of a buzz over the famous case of the free download of the CS2 suite . Which was in fact only a misunderstanding. We had missed a few weeks ago an advertisement of the brand which precisely plays with hacking. Techniques allowing to obtain (among other things) Photoshop for free. Fortunately, Stan and Dam were there for the catch-up session. In a humorous video, Adobe explains how to crack the famous photo editing tool in 4 steps.

But obviously not everything goes as planned, between spam. The download time, the Swedish version… A good way to play with the negative codes linked to peer-to-peer. And to offer a legal version on set to a affordable price. The technique of not turning a blind eye but remembering that legality is sometimes not that far away is well seen.

We Had Left Adobe in the Middle


It’s been one of the buzzwords of recent weeks (months?). Big Data makes a lot of talk, but also a lot of dreams. Behind this word hides the incredible amount of data available, especially on the net. And above all the way in which it can be processed to obtain useful information. Trends in society, consumption, uses or opinions, epidemics… Everything is potentially possible. The key is knowing how Jamaica WhatsApp Number to use this data, knowing where to look and how to do it. A very simple example that can illustrate this concept is Google Flu . The search engine has thus set up indicators making it possible to follow the spread of the flu throughout the world, based on the searches launched on its engine.

Yes, but… If Big Data seems to represent for some one of the major challenges of the next decade, not everyone agrees on this point. Obviously complicated to distinguish between useful and useless data, to know where to look, and in the end to provide relevant information. The first problem in terms of information being, according to the strategist Alan Mitchell (relayed in an exciting paper by Internet Actu) to bring the right information to the right person, and not necessarily to process a multitude of data. Hence the opposition between Small Data and Big Data.

Adobe Explains How to Crack


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Jamaica WhatsApp Number

The second question that arises concerns the opposition between organizations (main beneficiaries and users of Big Data) and individuals. The latter and their needs should be at the center of the intentions, which is not the case in an Organization centered vision of Big Data. General and impersonal statistics that will not adapt to the unique cases of each one. Does all this remind you of anything? The announcement of Facebook Graph relies heavily on this concept of Big Data and mass processing of information.

Except that it is more centered on the individual, and brings to the surface a lot of personal information. These were previously forgotten and buried among the (too) many data present on the network. Tomorrow, they will therefore be exploited, sorted and analyzed to give them meaning. The project will of course raise its share of problems, between the outdated data, the incomplete information given by many and the interest not necessarily existing for most of the information thus put forward (personally, knowing the films that my friends under 25 living in Montpellier does not interest me).

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