Half of Uk Internet Users Don’t Know What Content Is Legal on the Internet

In France, the Hadopi law aims to penalize Internet users who illegally download content from the Internet. Much has been said about the many aberrations on which this law is based. Identification by unreliable IP address presumption of guilt in contradiction with the rest of French law… Another aspect makes this law of little use. Very clumsily approached with great labeling PUR . Little known except through the taunts it aroused. It is quite simply a question of the Internet user’s lack of understanding: not everyone is an informed geek, and not everyone knows how to recognize legal content. This lack of pedagogy had also been brilliantly illustrated by one of the defenders of the Ha dopi law in person, the actor Thierry Lhermitte, who had kindly confessed downloading movies on fire Mega Upload , not knowing if it was illegal or not. Illustration: the promotional campaign for the PUR label.

Who Illegally Download Content From the Internet


But how many people can tell the difference between legality and illegality when it comes to downloading work online? The British company OfCom conducted a survey of 4,400 Internet users. The results certainly relate only to English Internet users, but give a good idea of ​​the knowledge of individuals on this type of subject. And they are edifying: 47% of Internet users are not sure of the Pakistan WhatsApp Number legality of the content they have accessed in the last three months on the Internet. And 16% of them believe they have consulted content illegally during this same period. Internet users download illegally mainly because it is free (54%), convenient (48%) and fast (44%). 39% of these cyber criminals claim that they would not hesitate to stop their dark activities if the legal offer were cheaper. A good lead to follow…

The Results Certainly Relate

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Following the second edition of our community manager survey , we have launched a series of interviews with companies and personalities on their use of social media. This question of uses is indeed central, giving meaning and depth to statistics and avoiding taking preconceived ideas for generalities. Far from the soft consensus in terms of digital identity and more generally online presence, today it is David Abiker who answers our questions. Journalist, writer, columnist, David Abiker went through France Info, France Inter, GQ, Stop on images and was even HRD. It is now possible to hear it on Europe 1 and Canal Plus.

His appetite for the web has long fueled his columns. Very active on his blog and on Twitter , it seemed interesting to us to know his opinion on these new tools, on the uses he makes of them, on personal branding… Many thanks to him for his sometimes offbeat but often relevant answers.

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