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For example, “pizza”, “fashionable brunch restaurant” and “Japanese restaurant” Iceland Phone Number List would represent the type of cuisine as well as any unique characteristics. Branded search terms: Branded terms let you know how many people search for your local restaurant by name. This is excellent data to compare with the other two categories. Iceland Phone Number List Premium restaurant search terms: These keywords cover generic variations that users might use, such as “restaurant” or “orlando restaurant.” By researching these keyword term categories, you’ll determine what to focus on when defining content and measuring its success in local rankings.

A simplified 5-step website design process

3. Provide recommendations and online reviews for your Iceland Phone Number List local restaurant When searchers look at search engine results when trying to find a restaurant, they look for reviews and ratings. Inevitably they will click on the restaurant with the highest rating first. While reviews are often seen as part of your social media strategy, Iceland Phone Number List they have a much broader impact on your restaurant website on search results pages. High star ratings lead to higher click-through rates, more traffic, and new customers. Iceland Phone Number List If your online ratings don’t reflect the quality of your restaurant or your business is new, develop a strategy to get as many reviews as possible to improve your score before adding the HTML code that will include your reviews in the SERPs.

A step-by-step guide to building a new website

4. Make your pages mobile-friendly Your website Iceland Phone Number List must provide a positive user experience for customers on mobile devices. Mobil accounts for a large percentage of restaurant website traffic. Since an algorithm change in 2015, Google has ranked mobile-friendly sites higher than non-mobile-friendly sites. Google also didn’t pay Iceland Phone Number List attention to the mobile version of the site when trying to understand its content. If your website is not responsive or fails the necessary mobile friendly tests, your SEO rankings will suffer. Iceland Phone Number List  When planning a great mobile user experience, the rendering and loading speed of a restaurant website must be considered.

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