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The fundamental reason is that it has the same positioning as WeChat, but the relationship chain is far weaker than WeChat: WeChat is based on QQ, plus the address book. In the early stage, Australia Mobile Number Ali mobilized all employees to use the exchange, and even said that it would reward the first user with a bonus of 1W yuan.  Laiwang is an acquaintance social network based on the mobile phone address book. In terms Australia Mobile Number of product positioning, it is basically no different from WeChat. Why does it die? Aside from the functions,  Such a strong acquaintance circle binding makes you not in the same world as the people around you without using WeChat.

Cannot Shake the Super-strong Australia Mobile Number

Do you think this will make Ali give up? wrong!I thought we could divide the world equally with WeChat.  This is also doomed to its tragic fate: when people complete a transaction, its usage scenario ends; Australia Mobile Number when people need to conduct transaction communication, it has its own unique usage scenario. In contrast to QQ, before WeChat came out, its usage scenarios almost covered: entertainment, life, work and other angles. Who wins Australia Mobile Number or loses is clear at a glance. However, the facts show that Tencent is worthy of being an expert in making products, and Xiaolong is worthy of being a great product manager.

The Importance of Socializing Australia Mobile Number

Australia Mobile Number
Australia Mobile Number

Even though Tencent has used QQ and WeChat has occupied half of the social network, Ali still has not given up on the huge social pie. At that time, Ali may have realized it. The importance Australia Mobile Number of socializing. Ali Wangwang, which originated from Taobao, developed the client in this way. Although there are many users, the fatal thing lies in the particularity of its usage scenarios: it is a tool for temporary buyers and sellers to Australia Mobile Numbers communicate in real. There is a common sense in the Internet world: the Internet has formed a three-pronged pattern. However, as an ambitious rising star, Ali has never given up on guarding only one acre of his own land.  .

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