How does REnato Lab open up Taiwan’s

Waste circuit boards can also be recycled into textured furniture! Seeing that Taiwan’s waste recycling technology is mature, REnato Lab took the initiative to turn waste raw materials into furniture with rich texture and beauty, successfully introduced recycled and environmentally friendly products into the Milan Furniture Fair in Italy, and also allowed enterprises to see new possibilities for recycled products. sex. “We want to make this cycle happen, so that people can accept these products or materials.” Wang Jiaxiang, founder of REnato Lab, talked about the team’s original intention, with a firm tone and eyes.


Looking back at Taiwan’s recycling history in the

past 20 years, the recycling rate has risen from 5.87% in 1987 to 52.51%. Taiwan has a very high  Portugal Phone Number recycling consensus, especially with the development of mature and advanced recycling technology, allowing more Rebirth of waste. But for REnato Lab, their ultimate goal is to make all waste find its final value, so that “garbage” is no longer just “garbage”. 35-2 Caption: Wang Jiaxiang, founder of REnato Lab (Photo provided / Key Comments Network) Create alternatives to burial and incineration Make beautiful recycled furniture to amaze the world As an island of science and technology, large technology factories continue to produce a large number of waste circuit boards. With the increasing disposal costs of landfill and incineration, how to reduce costs and dispose of waste has become the number one issue for business operations.

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REnato Lab saw that Taiwan has mature environmental

protection technology, but few people can solve the application and design of different waste materials, so REnato Lab took the lead, operating “waste material development”, “waste redesign”, converting it into The road of practical and aesthetic objects, Wang Jiaxiang said, this purpose is to show these enterprises and make them believe that “waste” has more value. From finding waste circuit boards and going through a tedious de-chemical process, REnato Lab will shred the waste circuit boards and re-process them into “REStone series”, a material with a stone texture, and combine them with industrial product designers to make household items—tables, Ice buckets and bookends for chilled wine and beverages are a living example of the possibility of discarded circuit boards. 35-3 Caption: Taking the

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