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when you want to optimize for high KD ( Keyword Difficulty ) or SD ( Search Difficulty ) keywords. But the competition is more than just keyword difficulty. search difficulty You need to consider how your competitors got to their current position and what they are doing to maintain this visibility. Your SEO strategy and projections should consider what you’re competing against, including the aggressiveness of your competitors’ strategies. your resources You can not control the history of your website or the competition. But what you can usually control is the resources you allocate to an SEO project. It’s important to understand exactly how this plays a role in the time it takes to see results from a campaign.

The more resources you can allocate to your SEO strategy, the faster you’ll see results. The most important resource you need is time. Let’s see an example. Two small business websites are competing for the same keyword. They are both aware that the key to SEO success is technical SEO, content, and backlinks. Both employ the South Africa Phone Number services of a freelance SEO expert. For simplicity, we will assume that both sites start out on an equal footing. Website A hires their chosen specialist for 5 days per month, while Website B hires theirs for only 2 days per month. Of course, Website A should expect to see faster results.

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Keep in mind that discussions of the time it takes to see an impact should take into account the resources that are being allocated. You should understand that the best way to reduce this (within reason) is to allocate more resources to the project. It often makes sense to put action tactics together at the start of a campaign (detailing all opportunities and actions) and then prioritize this around the resources allocated. This can help show opportunities that are still pending and could present themselves with further investment. An SEO strategy must include tactical actions in the 3 basic aspects of SEO: technical, content and backlinks. The 3 components of the success of your SEO strategy Let’s look at the 3 aspects of SEO success and how they impact.

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your time to results. Each of these aspects can affect the time it takes to see results. Technical SEO If there are technical SEO issues with a site.  They will need to be resolved before you can experience them.  The growth you’re looking for. Technical SEO relates to things like. Crawling and indexing site speed Canonical structure structured.  Data duplicate content XML sitemaps Hreflang and more Troubleshooting in some of these areas will have a greater impact than others, but the fact is that any technical problem needs to be fixed. Do you want to know how the SEO of your site is? However, technical SEO alone is not enough. Think of solving these problems as removing the first obstacles to your project and allowing your site to compete with others.

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Content of your SEO strategy You’ve probably heard that content is king , and the fact is that content is still one of Google’s top 3 ranking factors. Google’s goal is to deliver the best results for a given search, so why would poor content perform well in the SERPs? It’s important that you place a high priority on creating relevant content that matches a searcher’s intent . Take the time to understand what’s currently being indexed and searched, and figure out how to build something better. You can learn a lot by studying content that already works or is indexed in Google. Poor quality (or even average) content can mean it will take longer to see results. Contrary to this, great content that is carefully planned and adds something new to a topic can help your site get indexed faster.

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