How much does a logo cost?

This is the question we are asked most often. Why probably because it is possible to pay 5 for a logo sold on a website and 200,000 for a creation by a large international advertising agency. The result it depends. The most common mistake is to judge a logo for what it is a simple drawing made by a graphic designer using a computer. Nike paid a graphic design student 35 for its logo, while quebec city paid 75,000 for its laccent damérique brand image. Which is better it depends on your taste, but certainly not on the cost. Rather than investing in a design, invest in a process, a team, a method and thinking.


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How to find it rather than investing in a design, invest background remove service in a process , a team, a method and thinking . Beyond the logo, what is offered to you is it a unique creation is there a needs analysis competition of customers is there a strategic component, a positioning, a brand image each agency and selfemployed person has their own way of doing this type of project. The value of the service rendered is right there, behind the finished product. The logo is the tip of the iceberg of your companys image. Since its a matter of taste, no one can guarantee your appreciation of the final result. However, you can maximize your chances of success by trusting experienced professionals with research and a creative approach.

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The result will certainly be of high quality. In closing, a word HRB Directory on startups. Often, the logo is made at the lowest possible price since revenues are not yet there during this startup stage. Later, many companies feel stuck with their old logo and do not want. To lose the notoriety gained over the years. Remember that it is always possible to refresh and modernize your logo , often at low cost. All major companies do this, often without your knowledge. A quick google search will show you the evolution of these companies logos. Everything that is design follows an evolution, over the fashions and trends fashion, cuisine, haircut, logo When was your last haircut.

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