How to Conduct a Marketing Audit

Open the Instagram app and click the ☰ icon. Go to your settings. Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List Click Account > Switch to Professional Account. Select a business category, confirm your details, and connect to your Facebook business page. 3. Add Facebook as a sales channel on Shopify In order to sell on Instagram, you need to connect the Facebook sales channel Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List on Shopify. That’s it: Make sure your Facebook page is published and you are an admin. On Shopify, go to Sales Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List Funnels and click + Navigate to Facebook and click Update Sales Channel.

Run user experience and marketing audits

Log in to Facebook and follow the prompts. Click Finish Setup. Facebook Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List Product Catalog Source: YouTube 4. Add your product catalog to Instagram Next, to sell on Instagram using Shopify, you need to link your Facebook store to your Instagram account and add your product catalog. From there, you can sell through Instagram. Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List Here’s how to add a product catalog: On Instagram, navigate to Settings > Shopping > Products. Select the product catalog to connect to your account .

Platform Transformation Series:

At this point, Instagram needs to review and approve your product Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List catalog before you can start selling. At the same time, you need to activate your Instagram sales channel in Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List Shopify ​​​. Follow the same steps in #3 above to add Facebook as a sales channel, but choose Instagram. Instagram App Checkout Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List Source: Instagram 5. Add Instagram Checkout Once Instagram approves everything, you should be ready to sell with Shopify on Instagram!

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