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The resources that we will use. For example links to articles, news, PDFs or images. Briefing Templates A briefing is a brief and concise guide in which all the information about a product or service is brought together to develop a Digital Marketing Plan. In it we will find the objectives, the target audience, the competition and other relevant data to focus the project that we are going to develop next. notion Notion is a free and essential application to organize the content of your Digital Marketing Plan. Are you looking for a notebook with infinite pages? A calendar or a panel in blocks? Then you have to start using this tool. It is available for both PC (Windows and Mac) and mobile (iOS and Android).

Notion’s many benefits include: -Cloud-based cross-platform synchronization. -A minimalist interface. -The possibility of being able to import any type of document. -The option to work with the application both online and offline (you can use the apps locally and synchronize all the work when you connect to a WiFi network). -Allows different Canada Phone Number users to access the platform at the same time and make changes on the spot. Organize the content of your digital marketing plan_miqo google-calendar It is an essential tool to schedule your meetings both with the team to organize the content and with the clients to approve the publication of the work. You can also set events and receive reminders so you don’t miss an appointment. It is free and you can use it both on your computer and on your mobile phone.

Tools to Improve Content Organization

google drive Google Drive is a platform for storing data in the Google cloud. In the free version includes a storage capacity of 15 GB. You can share documents with your colleagues to organize the content of your Marketing Plan and thanks to this align the content strategy. Conclution The organization of content is essential for companies and thanks to it, it will allow us to create a coherent structure that will help us to penetrate more into the minds of users. We will be more convincing and make Google fall in love so that it positions us better. If you want to establish a Digital Marketing Plan, take control of your business and take it to another level, Finding a local partner is very beneficial for your internationalization process.

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However, a good selection of distributors or partners abroad is key. It is practically the same selection as with a partner. After all, it will be your partner in the medium and long term, therefore identifying local partners is key to said internationalization. When choosing a local partner you should pay attention to 3 key points: The size. In this case, size does matter. If you agree with a company smaller than you or infinitely larger than yours, you will be completely unequal. The interests and resources must be proportional to the common objectives of exploiting your services. Talking about your interests every day is not the same as being aware of whether they pay attention to you or not.

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The complement. If you want to put out a fire, who do you call: someone to help.  You or someone who does the same as you? Well that’s it, don’t step on the hose with your local partner. You must both be in the same sector. The learning curve of your services should be minimal, but always within a plugin. Keep in mind that the day you close with a local partner for that partner.  You can also be a partner, that is, at a given time.  You can also sell their services as a complement. Thus, creating a full-fledged win-win relationship. The value It is important to know the value that the partner brings.  Without moving an iota of your company and multiplying your sales in your local market. The experience and contacts you may have is a point to take into account for the local partner, but not only that.

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