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Registering with them does not guarantee results. Myth #2: Grade is everything Even if your site has a lot of traffic.  Which it gets from various sources (Adwords, ranking, SEO). It does not mean that you are going to convert that traffic into sales. It is necessary that your SEO is part of a strategy with objectives and goals.  Where you really offer something for which they want to pay. Myth #3: Being the 1st place in Google is the most important thing The first places in searches do not necessarily produce the best results. Program your pages with friendly and concise names and descriptions and you will get more visitors looking for what you are offering. Myth #4.

Someone who knows about technology can do your SEO for you To do SEO you need to know how certain technologies work, but do not ask someone who knows about technology to optimize your site for search engines. Myth #5: It is better to have more links than content Having many links on your site stopped being an efficient practice a long time ago and many of these links are ignored by Google. It is better to invest in the Qatar Phone Number creation and marketing of content that can be used in many occasions and versions and that will continuously generate visits. SEO is the main food of your website and your traffic to it. SEO Myths are diet. Myth #6: Content is enough Good content on your site and on your blog will take you very far in your strategy.

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But have you ever wondered if your content has focus or purpose? Have you analyzed the source of your visits or your most successful posts? Again, without a complete strategy your site is only going to be good at one thing. Myth #7: Social media has nothing to do with SEO Google is working hard especially with Google+ to develop what is called ‘social search’. This means that the results that have some social relationship with the person you are looking for, will have priority over the rest of the results. The lesson is to add a social media plan to your strategy. Myth #8: SEO is all I need Not only by putting keywords on your pages you will have a good ranking in search results.

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Your site must have a good presentation, dedication and commitment. You have to do much more than just SEO. Myth #9: Keywords must be exact The titles of your pages and the complete contents should not be written in a primitive language that repeats the same words many times. Think in phrases, think in contexts, your prospects are alive, they are not machines. Do you know how the SEO of your site is? search difficulty Myth #10: The magic number There is no magic number of how many times the keyword has to be repeated. First of all, what for? what is the goal of your strategy? (myth #2). Second, do what needs to be done: put the word in the title, in the file name, in the header, and at least once during the content.

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The goal is to make your content engaging and be what your reader wants to read . They do not want to read the same word 20 times.  Especially if it is what they already know they are looking for.  It is necessary to provide context. Myth #11. The H1 is the most important The H1 suffered a tremendous spam bombardment.  And search engines are already much smarter to rely solely on it. Use this tool in conjunction with all the others and use it efficiently. Give a clear and concise message in this space. Myth #12: My home page needs a lot of content. You have to think of your home page as the presentation of your company. And you have to use visual elements that communicate.  What you propose. You don’t need to write long paragraphs for.

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