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Amazon Retail has been the transformative company of e- commerce . Today if you are not involved you are failing to take advantage of an important sales channel . They all seek to emulate their customer service when it comes to the shopping and delivery experience. Content of this Blog… Amazon participates in retail Amazon will create a network of large physical establishments Amazon Retail advances in its omnichannel strategy Amazon Retail reinvented For the first time, Amazon Retail overtakes Walmart as the world’s largest retailer Amazon participates in retail A few years ago we were all surprised by the acquisition of Whole Foods by Amazon. Today it continues to grow and expand to participate in fashion and electronics retail. How will this affect big emporiums like Best Buy ?
It will be interesting to see how this great battle is resolved. He will have the idea that as part of the expansion Jeff Besos simply acquires leading companies in his sector. Will he buy from Best Buy? The online giant Amazon Retail continues its evolution to expand its domain to the physical space: according to reports from  Albania Phone Number The Wall Street Journal , Amazon plans to open a network of large physical stores in the United States in order to boost the sale of fashion items , home and electronic products. New Echo Dot (4th Gen) – Smart speaker with Alexa – White New Echo Dot (4th Gen) – Smart speaker with Alexa – White Amazon will create a network of large physical establishments.

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 This new network of large Amazon physical establishments will have an area of ​​around 2,700 square meters , that is, they will be slightly larger than what is established as a hypermarket in Spain. Some of Amazon’s first big stores are expected to be located in the states of Ohio and California . They will offer items from “best consumer brands” , although it is not yet entirely clear what these brands will be. Surely many of their own brands will also be included, including fashion products, furniture and of course their electronic devices. Amazon Retail advances in its omnichannel strategy After years of being a leader in online shopping, Amazon’s growth has reached the physical space in its effort to offer an omnichannel experience .

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And of course this is not the first time that Jeff Bezos ‘s company has moved offline. Its first foray as Amazon Retail in the physical world happened in 2017 with a physical bookstore.  A space that is very representative of the beginnings of the internet giant’s book sales. Amazon Retail reinvented After this first launch and once the company acquired.  The Whole Foods supermarket chain , Amazon announced the opening of its new supermarket chain . This chain, beyond just selling food. Revolutionized physical stores by including artificial intelligence systems.  That avoid the use of cashiers and long lines. Thanks to its technology called « Jusk Walk Out.

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when customers use the Amazon Go application, they only have to select the products, put them in the cart and leave the supermarket. Their system tracks the purchase and charges directly to each user’s Amazon account. In fact, the revolution of Amazon’s physical purchases has not stopped there. We recently found out about your new system for paying by hand.  Through a type of scanner, which is capable of identifying in detail the lines of consumers’ hands, it identifies them to confirm transactions in their physical stores. For the first time, Amazon Retail overtakes Walmart as the world’s largest retailer It’s clear that this news has shocked the US retail industry, and according to reports , especially its big rivals. Target , Bed Bath & Beyond and Best Buy, which fell about.

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