How to Keep Your Mailbox Empty

There are two types of mailboxes. Those that are full to bursting and that we can’t empty, and those that display a nice “0 untreated email(s)”. If you’re in the first group, it’s time to act. Because an overcrowded inbox seriously affects your productivity, your mood, and your ability to manage your priorities. So you might as well take an hour to reset the counters to 0 and then get back to good habits..

The How to get focused site has published. A very simple decision diagram intended to help you in the Greece B2B List daily processing of your mailbox. That’s very logical: if an email is useless, we delete it. If it is not related to your activity directly. Forward it to the person concerned and delegate the task. If it can be done in two minutes, do it right away, and if not, add it to your to-do-list. This way, you will never have any pending emails.

There Are Two Types of Mailboxes


There are of course some additional tips to add. Such as unsubscribing to unwanted mailing lists rather than piling them up in unread mails… Or creating folders by type of sender or priority. Everyone has their own way of  bloggers and agencies dissect the practices of companies and institutions on the Internet. One thinks in particular of the monthly barometer of local authorities on social networks Greece B2B List produced by the Edgar Quinet Institute. Relatively few surveys have so far analyzed the performance of e-commerce giants on social networks. The brand is present almost everywhere on the web and brings together many Internet users.

How to Get Focused

Greece B2B List
Greece B2B List


Twitter in particular to present its products, promotions and respond to Internet users. At the same time, the 3 Suisses unite 3,000 people on this network. On Google+, the La Redoute brand clearly stands out from its competitors. Rue du Commerce, second in the ranking proposed by AntVoice, brings together 30 times fewer Internet users. On YouTube, Sephora is doing well: the cosmetics brand has nearly 9,000 subscribers, compared to 4,100 for La Fnac and 730 for Carrefour. Overall, the videos offered by e-commerce sites are struggling to seduce Internet users, as is the content shared Greece B2B List on Pinterest. Pixmania, the second e-commerce brand in number of subscribers on the platform, only has 600 Internet users.

The different rankings offered by AntVoice are purely quantitative: they are based on the number of fans, followers or subscribers depending on the service. A qualitative analysis would make it possible to enrich this ranking, but the AntVoice survey already makes it possible to better identify, in a strict manner, the social presence of e-commerce players.

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