How to Locate a Lost or Stolen Android Phone?

Have you lost your Android smartphone or tablet? Do not panic: Google has just made available to owners of Android terminals a utility to find their device. Clearly, if you have lost your Android smartphone or tablet, you can now locate your device. And if someone stole it from Cyprus B2B List you, you can even erase the contents of the phone or tablet remotely. The arrival of Android Device Manager is very good news. > Looking for your iPhone? Access the procedure to locate an iPhone. Locate your Android phone or tablet First step: go to the Google utility to locate his Android device . Your different devices are displayed: telephone, tablet, etc.

Locate Your Android Phone or Tablet


You can rename your terminals. The tool will automatically attempt to locate the device of your choice. You then visualize its geographical position on a map. The service has just been released and should be fully functional at the end of the month (currently the position is not Cyprus B2B List always recovered, it all depends on the model). Ring his phone to find him You can also ring your phone remotely. This is particularly practical for finding your phone, if it is nearby. And Google is smart: if your smartphone is in silent mode, it will still ring at full volume! The tool is therefore more effective than a simple call from another telephone. Tablets can also ring to be found. Wipe content remotely If your phone has been stolen, unfortunately, you have little chance of finding it.

Ring His Phone to Find Him

Cyprus B2B List
Cyprus B2B List


However, you can erase all the data it contains, remotely. A good way to protect personal data, from photos to documents stored on your Android device. To enable the feature, you must first allow Google to factory reset. Go to the Google Settings application on your smartphone or tablet and check the corresponding box. In this way, if in the future you misplace your phone or if you are the victim Cyprus B2B List of a theft, you can erase your data in a few clicks. Google Maps now allows you to discover photos of a given place.

Enter the desired city or region in the search field or move the map manually, then click the double arrow in the lower right corner. A selection of photos corresponding to the displayed area appears. Just hover over the photos to find out their exact location. Several types of media are displayed: photos and slideshows. To the left of this selection, a link allows you to switch between “plane” mode and “Earth” mode. On the right, you go directly to Street View.


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