How to Make a Good Guest Blogging and What Not to Do?

First of all, you should strive to publish content that is valuable and that reaches the right audience . Google algorithms pay special attention to the content of the article, the interaction of the reader, as well as the links it contains in relation to it.

The quality of the guest post , above all, is decisive to avoid a Google penalty. Don’t forget that Google is targeting online readers!

Low-quality guest blogs that aim to manipulate your search results, without providing anything in return, are penalized by Google , since their content is artificial and considered spam.

So, you should direct your efforts to create content that is thought-provoking and valuable to your audience. If you do it that way, you will be rewarded with a good presence in the search engine.

Now, I have been talking about generating quality content. But how do you identify or, better yet, how can you create quality content?

Identification of quality content
Content with value must be leading, this means that it must guide the reader to understand more clearly or adopt a new perspective on the subject matter. It must be compelling, thought-provoking and, above all, answer what the reader was looking for.

Perhaps, you were not looking for this information and you are not drawing valuable conclusions? If this is not the case, then I am doing something wrong.

Writing style is important: use a human voice.

The articles without personality, flat, seem to be written by robots.

It is important that the voice behind the content is not shown as inaccessible. If you use a rigid style, not very empathic with whoever reads you, the only thing you will achieve is that they abandon your article.

In short, be clear, use comfortable, loose language and think that you write for people, not for the search engine.

Once you know how to make quality content, let’s go see other keys to Guest Blogging .

Guest Blogging: one of the most efficient USA Phone Number weapons to do Link Building
As we said at the beginning of this article, blogging is a good method for obtaining links in the articles that one generates as a guest author on other people’s blogs. That is why, today, Guest Blogging is one of the most effective link building tactics .

As you know, Link Building ,

USA Phone Number

as one of the bases of SEO positioning , seeks to increase the authority of a page by directing natural links to it ( backlinks ). If this is what you want to achieve for your website, you can take it into account when jumping into the Guest Blogging pool .

It is very important that the links you enter must be related to

the content you show, that is, they must complement the article. If you don’t do it that way, you will damage your website with future penalties.

It is therefore about doing white hat linkbuilding (construction of white hat content links) like this last link. Perhaps, does not it really add value to the reader to have a broader

understanding of the meaning of this content as opposed

to the so recurrent and ineffective in the long run of black hat link building ?

At this point in the article on guest blogging , I consider important

the following paragraph that is equivalent to playing dirty versus playing fair.

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