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The confidence generated by adapting to your method and the spirit of sacrifice to foster the alliance are key to being able to internationalize your company. To seal the alliance when internationalizing your company with a local partner you need the following: A partnership agreement . Just like your partner, that partner agreement sealed in fire is key to having complete transparency over time. Alliances of any kind are not difficult at first, but what is difficult is that they last over time. This partner agreement is key to maintaining a solid alliance with an international partner. Clear and concise objectives. Here the application of the OKR`s are key. Ambitious goals with concrete tasks. A period of three months is more than enough to evaluate the commitments of both parties.

A working method. Not only the Digital Marketing plan is valid. The documented, agile and clear management method is more than necessary to meet the objectives in a healthy and satisfactory way for your company and your future Denmark Phone Number local partner. How to find a local partner to internationalize your company? We have already seen the importance of the partner, how to choose it and how to seal an alliance, but where is this ideal partner? Obviously not on Tinder. But if where you are. A local partner to internationalize your company, as I have mentioned, must be within your same sector. That is to say, if it manufactures screws and your cars, that the screws are for cars.

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Therefore, this ideal partner will have your same interests. Where can you find your ideal partner? LinkedIn. Well, of course, LinkedIn comes up again. Yes, of course, it is the great ally of B2B companies. It is worth both to sell, to find talent and, of course, as I mentioned, to find partners. If you have a good profile on LinkedIn, it won’t cost you much to find a partner in another country, since LinkedIn is driven by sectoral interests. Your SSI helps you sell (Social Selling Index) and says a lot about you. If you have a reasonable number, type 65-75, it will mean that your network of contacts is very similar to your sector. From there, look for profiles similar to yours in the country or language filter How to find a local partner to internationalize a company_miqo Webinars.

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Covid came and the Webinar fever, luckily it has already become quite professional. For example, if you are a Hubspot partner, there are often webinars on how to improve services and as a result of them you can contact other partners in other countries. In other words, through thematic Webinars it is easy to establish a relationship with participants or attendees from other countries within your same sector. Meet-up. The truth is that I am a big fan of MeetUp. It is a very interesting sectoral grouping channel. While it is true that the meetings are local, you can always look for some similar events in other countries. In this way you will be able to establish some contacts to start establishing that local partner alliance for the internationalization of your company. In conclusion.

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The internationalization of a company is no longer a preserve for a few. The pandemic has diluted the borders when it comes to doing business between companies. The importance of internationalizing your company lies not only in selling more, but also in strengthening your business strategy. When it comes to selling in other countries, the best option and with fewer risks is to have a partner since: It helps you tailor your offer to your local market. Know the legal details so that you reduce the risk. It allows you to reduce the structural costs of your company. The best partner when it comes to internationalizing your company is the one that operates within your sector, since you will be able to establish a much more solid commercial relationship than with someone who does not belong to it.

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