How to Organize a Tedx? The Example of Bordeaux

TED conferences are among the most famous in the world. They take place once a year in California and highlight ideas or projects capable of changing the world. Music, technology, science… All themes are covered. Given the success of these inspiring speeches at limited time and their online broadcast, the concept of TEDx conferences has been put in place. The principle ? That everyone can organize a conference taking up the spirit and codes of TED. As a result, there are hundreds of them every year in the 4 corners of the world.

The second edition of that of Bordeaux , for example, will be held on December 1st. We met one of its organizers, François-Xavier Bodin. He tells us how TEDx talks work and what to expect for attendees this year. Thanks to him for these answers, and happy reading! Organizing a TEDx is potentially possible for everyone. In fact, how do you obtain the license to use the TEDx name? It’s very easy: just fill out an application form on We ask you to introduce yourself, what excites you and how you see “your” TEDx in broad outline. Ah, and then you have to adhere to the many rules that make up the license.

Ted Conferences Are Among


There is a lot of very instructive reading (everything is in English). For the license application, you must define the geographical area you cover (there are specific rules), so that TED USA WhatsApp Number assigns you a unique designation. TEDx Bordeaux for us. It is also necessary to give the date and if possible, the place. But it’s not fixed, we can change along the way. What will be the theme of this 2012 TEDx? A benevolent source of our identity, it can also confine us or, on the contrary, even push us to start, but also endow us with tools to build elsewhere…

What do we take, what do we find, what do we create, on leaving, on arriving? What do we transmit? And if we come back, what do we bring back? » It will allow us to talk about issues related to the local – land, terroir, territories, but also to movement – ​​the tension between here and elsewhere. Finally, the 3rd dimension of the theme is the gap between the spiritual or the immaterial on the one hand and the material on the other. Who will be the speakers? Our speakers address a variety of topics: cooking on both sides of the Mediterranean, world music, the inner territory of man and his psyche, a decisive transfer of technology in a poor country, food for the prehistoric man to transhumanism.

What Will Be the Theme of This 2012 Tedx?

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How the popular tale is transformed into a migrant, the virtual territory of video games, the meaning of the formula “at home”… They come to share their experiences, discoveries, human adventures, expertise… their “ideas worth spreading”, TED baseline, or in French: “ideas to change the world”. Who are they ? Few or no “headliners”, even if some are known: people who act on their own scale or share ideas, knowledge that we believe is important to share with TEDx Bordeaux participants, and beyond.

They are entrepreneurs, cooks, actors, teachers, writers, engineers, trainers… the names of the TEDx Bordeaux speakers will be revealed in the last days before the conference. To organize this 2012 TEDx, what lessons did you draw from the 2011 edition? The organizing team for the 2012 edition is fortunate to have several of the organizers of the 2011 edition in its ranks. We benefit from their expertise in TEDx rules and best practices.

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