How to remove Delta Search and Delta Toolbar in 5 steps

Delta Search is a search engine. Delta Toolbar is its equivalent, presented in the form of a toolbar. But in 99.9% of cases, users did not want Delta Search to replace Google… Google dominates all of its competitors. A domination such that some search engines no longer hesitate to impose themselves on the computers of individuals. We then speak of PUP (potentially unwanted program) or LPI (potentially unwanted software). When you install a new application on your computer, you usually have to uncheck certain boxes so that these programs do not install immediately. If you want to remove Delta Search or Delta Toolbar and find the Google search engine again, you can follow these few steps. This guide also helps to remove My Web Search, Conduit, Hola Search, Sweet IM, My Search Dial,  Search Results, Search the Web, Spap do and many others. We have also written dedicated guides that we advise you to follow to: Remove Delete Ask or Babylon How to Remove Delta Search on Google Chrome Delta Search are embedded in every corner of Google Chrome. You must therefore delete all the elements.

How to Remove Delta Search on Google Chrome


But don’t panic: Delta Search will disappear in a few minutes. Step 1 – Remove Delta Search from Google Chrome startup Go to settings via the main menu. Locate the functionality allowing to choose the pages displayed at startup. Click Set Pages to remove on startup, or choose another option. Step 2 – Change the Delta Search homepage to one of your choice In Google Chrome settings, Croatia B2B List the Home button can be customized. This is the icon representing a small house, allowing you to reach the home page in one click. Delta Search has probably replaced your usual homepage. Just click on Edit and choose the page of your choice to remove (Google search engine, favorite web page…). Step 3 – Replace Delta Search search engine with Google on Google Chrome Still in the settings, locate the following feature. It allows you to choose the default search engine. Click Manage search settings and choose another default search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo!…).

Remove Delta Search From Google Chrome Startup

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You can then remove Delta Search from your list of saved search engines. Step 4 – Remove Delta Toolbar extension from Google Chrome Delta Search can invest Google Chrome as a toolbar, via Delta Toolbar. Go to settings and click on Extensions (left menu). You can also put in the address bar. Then locate the Delta Toolbar extension and click on the corresponding small trash can to remove the unwanted extension. Step 5 – Delete Delta Search bookmark on Google Chrome Last step: delete the Delta Search bookmark, added automatically. If your bookmarks bar is still displayed, just right click on the shortcut, then delete. Alternatively, you can open the New Tab to view it or enter in your address bar. How to remove Delta Search on Mozilla Firefox Step 1 – Remove Delta Search from Mozilla Firefox startup To restore the web page of your choice at startup, go to the Mozilla Firefox options. Enter the page of your choice as the homepage, prefer an empty page or the last opened tabs. You can also click Restore default configuration .

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