How to Remove My Search Dial in 3 Steps

Sometimes Google is replaced by another search engine on his favorite browser. And sometimes, an ugly and useless toolbar is installed on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. Most often, these unwanted programs are added to the browser during the installation of a program. You have probably clicked “Next” several times, thus validating the installation of the unwanted software. But don’t panic: we will see together how to remove My Search Dial Toolbar, an unwanted toolbar installed on many browsers.

If you are infected by another similar software, you can follow our dedicated guides, to: Another search engine is embedded on your computer? Another toolbar has invaded your browser? Do not hesitate to talk about it in the comments, we will try to help you! Remove My Search Dial from Google Chrome Access the Google Chrome menu (via the three small lines, at the top right of your browser, under the button that allows you to close it).

Remove My Search Dial from Google Chrome


Then click on Settings. Remove My Search Dial on startup: In the “On startup” section, choose the option you want. If it is to open a specific page or set of Google as a search engine: on Firefox, you can use the search engine of your choice using a field located at the top right of your Namibia WhatsApp Number List browser. If My Search Dial got stuck here, you can remove it. Click on the small arrow to the left of the field, then Manage search engines . Locate My Search Dial and delete it.

Google on the new Firefox tab: In some cases, these first two steps are not enough. It is then necessary to “get your hands dirty”, by entering  in the address bar. Then acknowledge the warning message and find browser.newtab.url. In the “value” column, My Search Dial may be present. In this case, you can delete My Search Dial and indicate  .

Remove My Search Dial from Mozilla Firefox

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Remove My Search Dial from Internet Explorer If you’re using Internet Explorer, here’s how change brow your browser. Delete the My Search Dial homepage: on IE, the untimely search engine will invade your homepage. To delete it and find Google, simply go to your browser settings, using the menu at the top right. Simply delete the address start. Remove the search engine go to the General options tab. First choose Google as your default search engine, after which you can remove My Search Dial with ease! Remove My Search Dial Toolbar: If the My Search Dial toolbar is present on your browser, go to the menu and choose Manage Internet options . Locate My Search Dial, right-click then “Disable”.

Here, a priori your browsers are clean. If ever My Search Dial or is still present somewhere, do not hesitate to detail your problem in the comments.


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