How to Resell Your Christmas Gifts on the Internet?

Every year, the subject ignites the media. On the occasion of the end-of-year celebrations, many of you would be reselling gifts on the Internet. If the practice itself doesn’t quite get into the Christmas spirit, is it a quick media story or a real trend? It’s hard to estimate, especially when most studies are funded by e-commerce sites… But if you want to resell a gift on the Internet, where do you start? What are the differences between the different websites? We have selected for you the main sites that allow you to Malta WhatsApp Number List sell a property on the net, whether or not it is a gift.

Resell a gift at auction or at a fixed price ebaye Bay is the historical site for the sale of products between individuals.  You can of course use the site to resell your Christmas gifts at auction. But contrary to popular belief, know that you can also sell a product at a fixed price! Uploads are free up to 75 monthly articles. Commissions on the final price may be applied, provided that the gift is actually sold.

Resell a Gift at Auction or at a Fixed Price


For small objects, this can quickly discourage a buyer. The main advantage of Price Minister is to offer delivery by So Colissimo or Chron opost for free. You have nothing to advance, the shipment is free and secure. Here too, a commission is charged if the sale of the gift is confirmed. Le Bon Coin: resell a gift in your region Malta WhatsApp Number List without commission the good corner Le Bon Coin allows you to sell items nearby. You first choose your region before placing your ad. You can also restrict the sale to a department.

When an agreement is found with a buyer. You can send your package or transmit it directly by setting an appointment. This is the main advantage of the site over its competitors. You can save shipping costs and no commission is charged. On the other hand, you do not benefit from the same functionalities as Price Minister.   Price Minister and Le Bon Coin are undoubtedly the best sites for reselling a property on the Internet.

Le Bon Coin: Resell a Gift in Your Region Without Commission

Malta WhatsApp Number List
Malta WhatsApp Number List


But you can also look at e-commerce sites like Amazon . They often offer marketplaces, allowing any Internet user to sell items on the net. Related topics: Ecommerce Share the article Post a comment .A benchmark CRM for managing customer relations Explore Salesforce Receive Malta WhatsApp Number List all the latest digital news by email Your email Your email Register Each morning Every Friday By clicking on “Register”, you accept the T& Cs as well as our privacy policy describing the purpose of the processing of your personal data. See the trainings Find an E-commerce training See job offers Find a digital job . How to resell your Christmas gifts on the Internet?

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