How you can sell now on social networks

Ensuring that people They do not want to show themselves in the same way if they How you can enter a video game platform, a social or work network, in the same way that today they do not project themselves the same way when Swaziland Email List playing sports, going out to dinner or going to work. “The metaverse will be user-centric; everything will revolve around user identity and not users moving across platforms. We need to be able to decide what we want to share and with whom”, he concludes. For his part, Miguel Carretero, head of FI Nvest (the investment arm of the FI Group. It bursts into startups in the seed phase). Assures that “virtual worlds are going to gain strength in the coming years. And Linking Realities is prepared to to be a key partner in all new immersive platforms.

Leverage Facebook Shops to set up campaigns

The potential of this sector is incredible. And at FI Group we are delighted to take a step into this new environment”. Globally, the concept of the metaverse will represent a business opportunity of 800,000 million dollars in 2024. According to Bloomberg projections. We are already fully in 2022 and the intermissions are over: it’s time to look at the year head-on, which has a long way to go and it looks like it’s going to be an intense year for your ecommerce. You have to attract traffic to the store and speed up sales with good ads . Here are four tips to get the most out of them this year with the new ad options on social media and Google.

It is easy to integrate with your catalog

How you can sell now on social networks Amazon may be today the most powerful marketplace that exists, at least in the West, but there is something in which it limps: it is not a meeting place. It does not have the virtues of a social network. It doesn’t know us as precisely as Meta, Twitter or TikTok can. Networks know what we buy, what we like, who we connect with, what series we watch, what music we listen to and who our referents are. They keep us united with family, friends and people of our same interests. They have everything we like and that’s why we spend an average of 2-3 hours a day in them. You have to be where your customers are. What can you do this 2022 to sell more?

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