Humor: a Day in the Life of a Blogger

Bloggers are not quite like other people. Always connected to their computer, they use strange words like backlinks, RT, embed, trackback or even for certain rare birds “source”. But what do they do all day? They look for information, recycle it, try to find original angles to ultimately boost the buzz. Finally when they are not getting older by their peers. Watch out, here’s a scoop. A journalist hungry for the truth spent a whole day investigating a typical blogger. We see him working, taking his breaks, concentrating, eating… You would almost think he was a Twitter fan, minus the smartphone. It’s quite disturbing, but we hope you will take the shock. However, a falsehood has crept into this report: not all bloggers use Macs. Just those who make enough sponsored posts to afford one. Good discovery.

Bloggers Are Not Quite Like Other People


This summer, the world’s first cat video festival was held in Minneapolis, USA. It was the very existentialist Henri, Paw de II who had won the favor of the public and the coveted title. Henri the slightly depressed cat is no longer the only little feline crowned with worldwide glory. In October, the kibble brand Friskies, surfing on the success of cat videos on the Internet, organized a competition to Oman WhatsApp Number elect the best video of the year. Entitled “ The Friskies ”, this competition had to decide between no less than 1400 films. The winners have just been revealed. And it was Oskar, the little blind cat, who won this competition and the sum of 15,000 dollars. You can congratulate him on his Facebook page , which still has more than 90,000 fans. Oskar, a name predestined to win a reward at a ceremony worthy of Hollywood .

They Use Strange Words Like Backlinks

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Will therefore be able to afford many toys, treats, and other catnip. Among the other competitors, winners in other categories (comedy, adventure, etc.), let’s mention Boo, the cat who opens doors , cats that fit into boxes , and the one who likes paper balls . They each win the sum of 2500 dollars. It’s a great brand content operation for Friskies, which follows in the footsteps of the Whiskas brand, which had taken advantage of the enthusiasm aroused by small cats on the Internet. But we are entitled to wonder if we are not going a little too far with the videos of lolcats? However, if that weren’t enough, you can still watch these four adorable kittens evolve , filmed 24 hours a day. Relaxation break guaranteed.

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