If Linkedin Profiles Were Honest…

If Facebook allows you to stay in touch with your friends, LinkedIn allows you to present your skills while keeping in touch with your professional contacts. On your profile, you can indicate your profession, your company, your academic background, and your experience. Your Hungary WhatsApp Number List relationships can also inform your professional skills: social media, community management, marketing, SEO, business development… Skills on LinkedIn depend on your profile, your sector, your profession and the relationships established at your workplace. But are these opinions left by your relations really honest? Do your former colleagues write candid recommendations, or are they expecting something in return? Are these skills and expertise a good performance indicator for candidates? Of course, LinkedIn skills are always advantageous. But what if your colleagues were honest?

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And if they revealed your worst professional secrets, unavowable on the Internet? You regularly arrive late, you never bring the coffee? When you schedule a meeting, do you always send out a 3-page agenda to give you prominence? Some ecards imagined what your Hungary WhatsApp Number List LinkedIn profile could look like if it was objective and really reflected your professional way of life .

We adapted it in French. Or how to destroy your e-reputation in no time… honest-linkedin-profile Related topics: Fun / LinkedIn Share the article.  A platform to target influencers and create influencer marketing campaigns Discover Favikon Receive all the latest digital news by email Your email Your email Register Each morning Every Friday By clicking on “Register”, you accept the T& Cs as well as our privacy policy describing the purpose of the processing of your personal data. See the trainings Find a LinkedIn training See job offers Find a digital job Home If LinkedIn Profiles Were Honest…

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Hungary WhatsApp Number List
Hungary WhatsApp Number List


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