In South Korea Mobile Number addition to making plans, what other functions does the legendary Smart have?

The former kind of person is the “soulmate” in psychology, South Korea Mobile Number which is what we call a spiritual partner. But in the workplace, most employees can’t become your spiritual partner. Even if they do, it won’t take long for him to become a leader.Therefore, as a leader, you must first know that there are no employees who can make you 100% satisfied. Your command must be implemented by your subordinates. This command can be the work you hand over to the employee, it can be an action plan, it can be a performance indicator, And the first principle that can be implemented is “concrete”

What does “specific” mean?

For example, an instruction like “Get me a cup. Is non-specific, and employees who have been with you for a few years may be able to tell what you want from when and where you speak.

For example, knowing that you have  the South Korea Mobile Number habit of drinking tea at 2:00 in the afternoon, and seeing a new bag of tea on your desk at noon, he will judge that you want to drink tea, so he will take a tea cup; Come back with a convenient tea cup that just happens to be the kind you like.

So, don’t underestimate the executive power of your employees.

South Korea Mobile Number
South Korea Mobile Number
The same sentence, if it is a colleague. Who has not been in contact for a long time. He may bring a coffee cup/juice cup/water cup from the pantry. Even if you happen to take a teacup. It is probably not the kind you like, so you feel that something is wrong. You find it difficult to communicate. And you even get angry because. Your subordinates can’t even hold a cup.Likewise, don’t overestimate employee understanding.

In order to avoid this situation, a good leader will directly say “Help me get a glass cup for making tea, if you don’t have an ordinary porcelain tea cup” Someone will do it wrong. More importantly, a smart subordinate might directly help you brew the tea.

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