Infographic: the Daily Life of a Job Seeker in 2013

We presented to you a few days ago the first results of our major Regions. Job survey on employment and recruitment in 2013. Conducted among more than 14,000 candidates and 350 recruiters from 17 to 27 June 2013, its aim is to better understand the journey of candidates and recruiters. For this inaugural episode, we focused on the daily lives of job seekers . How do they manage their procedures? What tools do they use? What is their pace? The results are very interesting.

We thus learn that job Switzerland Business Fax List sites remain by far the most used tool. The latter spend two hours a day looking for a job, respond to 3 advertisements and send 2 unsolicited applications per week. However, there are still possible avenues for improvement. Thus, 51% never or rarely follow up with companies after their application and 52% do not set a pace in their procedures. The second episode of our survey will focus on the uses of recruiters and will be available at the beginning of October.

Daily Lives of Job Seekers


In the meantime, find the key information from our survey on this infographic. Digital identity is a subject that is particularly close to our hearts. The traces left online can have a strong impact on the reputation of Internet users and their employability. Our third survey on Switzerland Business Fax List Employment and Social Networks has highlighted the growing importance of e-reputation during a recruitment process: 27% of recruiters chose a candidate thanks to their positive traces, 25 % of recruiters rejected a candidate because of negative traces.

Across the Atlantic, the very serious Pew Research Center has carried out a study which highlights the awareness of Internet users. In the first place, A very good initiative, of which here are the main conclusions. Staying anonymous on the Internet, a utopia? 86% of Internet users take measures to avoid digital surveillance and protect themselves against malicious individuals and companies: deletion of cookies, data encryption, masked IP, alias on social networks…

The Results Are Very Interesting

Switzerland Business Fax List
Switzerland Business Fax List


However, they are 59% to consider that these measures are not 100% effective: being anonymous on the Internet seems impossible. One thing is certain: young people are more aware than older people. And these traces online can sometimes limit employability… … would deserve to be better supervised. 68% of Internet users surveyed by the Pew Research Center consider that current laws are not Switzerland Business Fax List sufficient to protect their digital identity and their data stored online.

The control of information shared online has become a major issue for many Internet users, and that’s good. The study is available in full on the Pew Research Center website . And if you are interested in the links between digital identity and employability, do not hesitate to consult our study !

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