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campaign planning, contact management, client onboarding, help desk tickets, event planning, PMO project planning, product roadmaps and more. Whether you’re managing a single project or advanced projects with hundreds of users, has a template to fit your needs. Custom automations One of the most common reasons companies invest in project management software is to automate repetitive tasks. Most offer that functionality, and is no exception. But take things a step further by making automations completely customizable and easy to use for everyone on your team. With just a few clicks, you can automatically move a task from one phase to the next.

assign the next team member to take over, and alert them via email or Slack. While this is just an example, it saves a lot of time and ensures that processes are followed to the letter without the hassle of manually performing those actions every time. The automation builder follows basic logic, which makes it incredibly intuitive even Jordan Phone Number if you’ve never created automations before. Easy to use The idea behind project management software is that it makes your life easier rather than adding another tool to your team. isn’t the easiest project management software, but it’s not the most difficult either. In less than an hour, you and your team will know everything you need to know.

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without relying on professional training. There’s an extensive knowledge base with hundreds of video tutorials to help you get started, troubleshoot, and get your team up to speed. And if you have any issues, the support team is available via live chat 24/7. Workload management and reporting Whether you’re a decision maker looking for an easier way to get the data you need, or a manager who needs to balance the workload of their team, includes a wide range of features designed to help you with both. Dashboards are extremely customizable and make it easy to see all your most important data at a glance. Want to get a high-level view of a project’s budget? No problem.

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Want to see project statuses at a glance? Easy. There are 15 pre-built widgets that you can use to create dashboards, including one specifically for workload management. The capacity planning widget provides administrators with real-time capacity updates, allowing them to allocate available resources in seconds. On top of that, users can create private or public dashboards, depending on who they want to share them with. The Disadvantages of Project Management Software Limited task dependencies Task dependencies are a common feature in project management tools, but we found ‘s task dependencies to be limited compared to others. The only way to set them is with dates, which makes them less functional for many real-world applications.

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A dependent task will not start until the first task completes: task dependency 101. The basic functionality included ensures that tasks are performed in the correct order. There is very little room for customization beyond that. Dependencies are also only available at the top two subscription tiers, making them inaccessible to small businesses or those on a tighter budget. Feature limitations for certain plans has tons of features and capabilities. However, you will need to upgrade your plan to take full advantage of these tools. For example, Gantt charts and timeline views are not available with the entry-level plan. To access time tracking and private boards, you’ll need to upgrade to the third level. However, this structure is quite common in the project management software industry.

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