Instagram Video Specifications

Allowing you to avoid costly mistakes in the future. Adapt your videos to different platforms Although YouTube is the main platform in terms of videos, it cannot be ruled out that many people watch videos on Facebook Feed, Facebook Live, IGTV, IG Stories, TikTok and LinkedIn. Therefore, your videos must match the platform as they have different specifications. YouTube video specifications Always have a call to action at the end of your videos, to guide viewers on what to do. Although you can upload videos that are 12 hours long, most of your users are mobile, so limit yourself to 30 minutes or less. Create a custom thumbnail because people see this when they search for videos. Facebook video specifications When users scroll through the news.

The videos will automatically play without sound; so make sure your image clips stand out and consider adding subtitles. Upload original content on Facebook so your viewers don’t leave your profile to another page. Maximum video of 240 minutes with only 10GB. Instagram Video Specifications Take note of IG’s 60 second time Honduras Phone Number limit because the video will be cut off, while IG stories are capped at 15 seconds. Put the most important information first so that, in case they don’t watch on IG TV, they’ve heard what matters. Use IG Loop, which continuously plays your videos until users scroll down, to create seamless clips that keep viewers engaged. Video specifications on Twitter Videos autoplay on Twitter, so try to make an impact early on. Use quality subtitles that keep viewers interested.

Facebook Video Specifications

Limit videos to 20 seconds or less as this is primarily a text-based platform. LinkedIn Video Specifications Most of the site’s users are professionals, so keep the same type of professional content. Limit videos from 3 seconds to 10 minutes in length, with a total file size of no more than 5 GB. Vertical videos will appear square in the news area. Video specifications on TikTok Limit videos to 15 seconds. Videos longer than 60 seconds must be four 15-second clips recorded natively in the app. Use compelling subheadings. If you want to get the right message across to your audience, you need to consider the platform you connect with them on. Otherwise, all your hard work creating the video will be wasted. Conclusion on Video Marketing for Ecommerce.

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If you want to increase customer engagement levels, generate more leads, and build trust in your eCommerce business, you need to start capitalizing on video. Develop a social media eCommerce video marketing strategy as part of your overall marketing strategy. Share the videos on your various social media profiles to stay connected with your loyal customers and potential leads. Remember, videos convert viewers into customers because they are more likely to buy your products if they see them. Above all, your customers are using mobile devices and they crave to watch videos. Ultimately, videos simply prove to be the best content for social media and receive more engagement than any other content format.

Youtube Video Specifications

As you can see, the success of your eCommerce brand depends in part.  On a strong social media eCommerce video marketing strategy. To stay ahead of your competition, you have to rely on video content or your voice will get lost amid all the noise on the internet. I recommend hiring the services of an agency to implement your SEO strategies. ptimizing your website for conversions: improve the user experience Optimizing your website for SEO through user experience User experience everywhere User experience simply means how people perceive your site in relation to browsing and finding what they’re looking for. A good user experience leaves the visitor satisfied and grateful. To get more conversions, focus on the smallest details.

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