Internet Audience in France: Skype Soars Youtube Collapses

The institute regularly analyzes Internet audiences, in France and around the world. Interesting studies, allowing to know the tendencies. It is also an opportunity to find the ranking of the most visited sites in France. In July 2013, sites related to tourism were logically favored by Internet users who were planning their holidays. As regards the audience of the sites, some differences should be noted CANADA B2B List between the months of May and July 2013. Seasonal changes: Holidays to parties First observation: the French have done a lot of research for their holidays.

Sites related to mail/stamps (La Poste, etc.) saw their audience grow by 10.1% over one month, and are approaching 6 million visits. More than one Internet user out of four (26.4%) visited at least one hotel or hotel guide website in July 2013. Sites related to tourism and summer destinations were also popular: 6.7 million visits, an increase of 6.3% over one month and Internet coverage estimated at 14.5%. Top 10 of the most visited sites in France Here are the top 10 most visited sites in France.

Seasonal Changes: Holidays to Parties


The audience indicated corresponds to monthly unique visitors, and the evolution is calculated in relation to the month of April 2013. 10. Yellow Pages: 15.8 million (-4.98%) The Yellow Pages site remains in the top 10, but loses one place compared to the surveys carried out in April 2013. It loses nearly 5% and is overtaken by Skype, the Microsoft service. 9. Skype: 16.1 million (+15.51%) Between April and July, Skype replaced MSN Messenger . This development is not unrelated to the increase in the site’s audience CANADA B2B List over three months: +15.51%, the largest of the top 10. 8. Leboncoin: 17.0 million (-2.19%) The classifieds site retains its eighth place in the ranking of the most visited sites in France.

The drop in its traffic is rather limited, at only 2.19%. 7. Wikipedia: 19.2 million (-11.78%) Last April, schoolchildren passed their final exams, high schools began to revise their baccalaureate and college students their certificate‚Ķ In short, Wikipedia was a very used resource! In July, the site was deserted by Internet users and saw its traffic drop by 11.78% compared to April. 6. Orange: 20.3 million (-1.26%) Orange took advantage of Wikipedia’s slowdown to steal sixth place.

Top 10 of the Most Visited Sites in France



The group has however seen its traffic drop, but very little: only 1.26% between April and July. 5. MSN/Windows Live: 24.3 million (-5.35%) Obviously, the migration of users from MSN Messenger to Skype has not been without damage on the MSN and Windows Live sites. These saw their traffic decrease by 5.35%, a smaller drop than Skype’s growth over the period. 4. Microsoft: 24.6 million (-6.93%) The Microsoft site just retains fourth place in the ranking. Its audience has somewhat deserted the site CANADA B2B List during the summer. 3. YouTube: 25.8 million (-16.22%) This is the biggest drop in this top 10.

The YouTube video platform saw its monthly traffic plummet by more than 16% (4.2 million fewer visitors) between April and July 2013. 2. Facebook: 30 million (-3.52%) Regularly, Facebook unveils new usage figures. Active users are always more numerous, the profit generated always greater‚Ķ But according to, the social network suffered between April and July. At nearly 16,000 people, it could even have fallen below the symbolic bar of 30 million unique visitors. Temporary decline linked to the weather or underlying trend that is emerging? We will find out in the coming months. 1. Google: 40.5 million (+0.17%) We don’t stop Google anymore. The search engine retains its first place, and even signs the only increase in the top 5. France thus stands out from the United States, where the sites of the Yahoo! overtook Google in traffic in July.

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