Internet Giants Would Share Your Personal Data With the Us Government

The information fell via the very serious English newspaper The Guardian . The main giants of the net share the data of their users with the American governments. This information is what is called a “leak”, a leak, it should never have been made public. The document obtained by the Guardian implicates Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Skype, Yahoo!, AOL, YouTube, and soon Dropbox… that is to Trinidad and Tobago B2B List say almost all the services we use daily.

This program called PRISM (yes, it’s a bit like James Bond) allows the NSA (the American national security agency) to have access to emails, chats, search results, photos, videos, documents sent, received, or stored via these different services.

The Document Obtained


This would imply collaboration between the authorities and internet services. Of course, all the companies involved fiercely deny it. Google Trinidad and Tobago B2B List notably affirmed via its spokesperson: “ Google cares about the security of its users’ data (…) Google does not have a ‘backdoor’ (dedicated access to servers) in its architecture for the government ”.

Facebook also took the floor to defend itself from a beautiful speech full of wooden language: “ Protecting the security of users’ personal data is a priority for Facebook. We have not given access to our servers to any government organization. “Credible? Not really…

Protecting the Security of Users’

Trinidad and Tobago B2B List
Trinidad and Tobago B2B List


The participation of the various web services in the spy program is also summarized in this slide. If we first notice that NSA analysts have serious progress to make in Powerpoint, we learn above all that the US government potentially has access to all the data.

And it’s hard to imagine that they only monitor American nationals. We are therefore potentially all “spyable” via these backdoors offered to the NSA. It sounds like a bad spy movie from a paranoid director, but it’s all true. Note also Trinidad and Tobago B2B List that you can continue to Tweet quietly since it is the only giant absent from the program. The affair has in any case a gigantic repercussion in the USA and has caused a lot of ink to flow. If the fight against terrorism is a priority, respect for privacy is also defended by many lobbies. There will therefore undoubtedly be consequences for this case. In the meantime, watch what you do on the internet, Big Brother is watching you.

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