Product Design: Interpreting the Principles Behind Bank Card Payment Phone Number List

Last time I wrote an article ” Swipe lightly, deduct money immediately, don’t you want to know the principle behind the payment code “, today Xiaohei will come back to talk about payment with you. Although our phone number lists mainstream payment method is to use Alipay/WeChat payment, when we have insufficient balance, or choose to debit from the bank card, we will use the bank card to pay. So today we will talk about the relevant principles of bank phone number list card payment, and popularize the whole process of bank card payment. Bank card payment can be divided into online payment and offline payment.

Online banking payment Phone Number List

Among them, the classification of offline payment is relatively simple, that is, when we usually shop in the mall, we pay by card at the POS machine. There phone number list are many types of online payment. According to the type of bank card, it can be divided into credit card payment and debit card payment. According phone number list to the payment behavior, we can divide it into fast payment, online banking payment, and Token payment. Today we mainly talk about quick payment and online banking payment, these two methods are the more popular methods at present.

Fast payment Phone Number List

Phone Number List
Phone Number List

There are several other ways, we can talk about it later. 1. Online banking payment First of all, let’s talk about online banking payment. This method should be the most mainstream online payment method 10 years ago. Let’s take e-commerce shopping as an example. After we place an order on the website. Choosing a bank card payment usually jumps to phone number list a cashier page. Then on the cashier page, we select the relevant bank. Click on the bank to pay, and finally it will jump to the corresponding bank page. This cashier page may be a merchant’s page or a payment institution’s page. Which is phone number list related to the online banking payment docking mode. After jumping to the bank page, we first need to download the security control according to the bank, so that we can  binding process.

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