Interview: David Abiker Digital Presence and Personal Branding

Following the second edition of our community manager survey , we have launched a series of interviews with companies and personalities on their use of social media. This question of uses is indeed central, giving meaning and depth to statistics and avoiding taking preconceived ideas for generalities. Far from the soft consensus in terms of digital identity and more generally online presence, today it is David Abiker who answers our questions. Journalist, writer, columnist, David Abiker went through France Info, France Inter, GQ, Stop on images and was even HRD. It is now possible to hear it on Europe 1 and Canal Plus. His appetite for the web has long fueled his columns. Very active on his blog and on Twitter , it seemed interesting to us to know his opinion on these new tools, on the uses he makes of them, on personal branding…

Second Edition of Our Community Manager Survey


Many thanks to him for his sometimes offbeat but often relevant answers. You have been very active on the subject of the web and blogs since the mid-2000s (columns on France Inter, France Info, etc.). How did you experience the arrival of social networks as a journalist? How has this changed the profession? Social networks gave me work. First it was blogs and then social networks. Soon everyone Qatar WhatsApp Number will know what it’s all about and I won’t have anything more to say. So one day I will say goodbye to the net, like Daniel Balavoine’s Singer who wanted to die unhappy. Where does this curiosity for these new tools come from? Can you imagine the guy who was interested in the first telephone? He had to turn around a long time before daring to use it! Well, it’s the same for me, social networks have fascinated me because they have changed our way of buying, of phoning, of loving, of looking for work, of prostituting ourselves, of denouncing our neighbor or of calling for help. Holy war.

Where Does This Curiosity for These New Tools Come From?

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In 10 years, when I say to young people “I was interested in social networks” they will look at me like I would look at this guy who hovered around the first telephone. It’s sad, but that’s the way it is. Youth is ungrateful. Many journalists abandoned the blog with the arrival of Twitter. Why did you continue? What differentiates these two supports according to you? Twitter is cotton candy, blogging is apple pie. Pigeon is food. You have to do a bit of everything… And I like my blog, it’s a bit like a workshop, a cabin in a perched tree. I insult the trolls there as I want, I repeat chronicles there, I develop there what I cannot say in a radio or TV format. On the radio you can’t insult people, for example. Fortunately, this is prohibited. But on his blog or on Twitter you can do it. The other day I addressed someone who reproached me for not thinking like him of “Pistachio”. He left without asking for his rest. You have discussed the subject of the web a lot in your columns. Conversely, do you think that your activity on the web has had a significant impact on your professional life, in particular through the visibility it has been able to bring you? Not really.

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