Ipsos Study: the Use of Touch Screens in France

In recent years, touch has invaded our daily lives. A smartphone, a tablet… The models are more and more numerous and the uses are intensifying. The IPSOS institute has just carried out a study for Microsoft, on the use of touchscreen terminals in France. The conclusions are quite Brazil Business Fax List surprising, and show the diversity of uses. The touch screen, a popular technology One thing is certain: the French favor the tactile. Spontaneously, 59% of them use positive qualifiers to define touch screens.

Modern, new, progress, practical, easy to use, simple, intuitive and fluid are the ones that come back the most. Only 22% of respondents highlight certain disadvantages: they consider that touch screens are not interesting, useless, not easy to use and not practical. Overall, 72% of respondents appreciate touch screens, 81% consider them “revolutionary”.

The Touch Screen, a Popular Technology


No generational divide, but a different point of view While it would be exaggerating to speak of a generational divide, some differences in point of view remain according to the age of respondents: 86% of 15 to 24 year olds appreciate touch screens, compared to 56% of those Brazil Business Fax List aged 60 and over. Unsurprisingly, people who own a smartphone or tablet are more likely to use touchscreens (87% versus 41%). 36% of 15 to 24 year olds consider this to be a real change for society (equivalent to the invention of the printing press), compared to 19% of those aged 60 and over. When comparing the importance of touch screens to television, the gaps widen.

If given a choice between their smartphone/tablet and their TV, 15-24 year olds would prefer to keep their touchscreens 70% of the time, compared to 29% of 60+ year olds. 10 key figures on the use of touch screens Several key figures have supported this IPSOS study on touch screens: 6 years old.

No Generational Divide, but a Different Point of View


this is the age at which children are able to use a smartphone or tablet. 48% of people under 35 use 2 fingers to type text messages. 61% of over 35s use 1 finger to type text messages. 80% of 15 to 24 year olds use their smartphone in bed, compared to 39% on average. 7: this is the average number of fingers used by women on a touch screen. 5: this is the average number of fingers used by men on Brazil Business Fax List a touch screen. 13% of users have already handled a touch screen at sea, in water.

90% use their phone to send/receive text messages. This is the No. 1 use on smartphones. 75% use their tablet to consult websites. This is the No. 1 use on a tablet. 13% of users have already manipulated a touch screen with something other than their fingers: nose, elbow, feet, chin, and even tongue…

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