Japan Passes Anti-piracy Law

Hadopi is experiencing a setback here with a possible 25% drop in its budget for next year. And a government that has clearly dropped the project. But this is not the case everywhere. Different countries around the world have opted. Or are opting for repressive systems to counter piracy and illegal downloads. With varying degrees of success.  If the downloading of works protected by copyright had been illegal in practice since 2010.

The information fell. For uploaders, this can go up to 10 years in prison and a fine of 10 million yen ($125,000). The role of the recording industry lobby was once again strong. With Japanese people downloading 10 times more (according to the Recording Industry Association of Japan) than they buy music or video.

Hadopi Is Experiencing a Setback


Discontent is already being heard, and various sites linked to political parties that voted for the law or to the music industry have been victims of cyber-attacks. The desire to tackle piracy on a global level therefore continues its path. While some laws have been stopped or slowed Ukraine WhatsApp Number down following protests (SOPA, PIPA, ACTA) or because they were unenforceable (Hadopi), others continue to emerge. To be continued… The long-awaited release of the iPhone 5 was also accompanied by an update to Apple’s operating system, iOS 6.

An evolution that did not go smoothly, with a very bad operation at the key. The disappearance of the very practical application. Of Google Maps plans in favor of an in-house solution developed by Apple, Maps. The big problem is that this new application is very far from being precise and efficient, to the point of arousing the indignation of many users.

The Information Fell

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Rivers disappear, buildings change places, cities are renamed… A blog lists all these aberrations . A bit of a shame, because when you have a smartphone, you use it a lot to be able to move around simply… This app caused such a stir that Apple came to publicly apologize. In an open letter to customers, CEO Tim Cook says the firm is ” truly sorry for the frustration the Maps app may have caused”, and says Apple’s teams are ” doing everything to improve it. » A much better version should therefore see the light of day. In the meantime, Tim Cook advises iOS 6 users to use alternatives. It even shows how to use Google Maps. For a brand to apologize because one of its products is not good is already quite exceptional.

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