Labcom Conference – Brand Content and Events: a Winning Bet?

Brands are increasingly integrating forms of brand content, one of the words that marked the year, into their communication strategies. These are all the types of content that a company can produce. In order to communicate in a somewhat alternative way. The goal is not just to advertise, but to create an enriching experience, whether it’s ebooks, games, events… Brands are now on a mission to inform or entertain , and not just to communicate about their products: brand content is more part of a broader strategy. It is therefore on this theme that the conference organized by Lab Com and of which we are partners will focus: Brand content and events, a winning bet? on November 22 on the MBA ESG campus in Paris.

Brands Are Increasingly Integrating


A conference organized by Mounira Hamdi , Anthony and Adrien Rosie r. How to develop an interesting brand content strategy? What are the best practices in this area? To conduct this conference, experts on the subject! The speakers will therefore be Jeanne  President of the Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Institute for the Quality of Expression , Cyril he founder of the  agency , specializing in events around personalities for brands and agencies and Georges Mohammed- agency, well known for its very original creations (the famous bear for Tippex , for example).

The icing on the cake, the conference is free! If you are interested in brand content, do not hesitate to reserve your places. This is a question that everyone has asked themselves at least once in their life. If I was a superhero, what would I look like? What superpowers would I have? The underpants, above or below the cape?

Brands Are Now on a Mission

Saudi Arabia WhatsApp
Saudi Arabia WhatsApp


Failing to be able to grant your wildest wishes, the What would you look site offers a generator that will distract you for a few minutes. And that will partly answer the question: what would you look like if you were a superhero? To find out, you will have to answer 10 questions about your behavior in everyday life, your tastes, your favorite color, your gender… Nothing very complicated, but it will allow you to identify your personality and generate a kind of hybrid between superhero and robot, with a stage name. And that’s about it. Completely useless, therefore strongly recommended in the middle of the week. And it will only take you three minutes!

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