Labcom Conference – Ideas That Kill for 2013

A free conference on digital trends, with quality speakers. This is the program for the evening organized by LabCom and MBA ESG on Monday January 21 in Paris. Originally scheduled for December, this event was finally postponed due to a technical incident. In the premises that were to host it. A veritable laboratory of ideas, the LabCom regularly sets up. This type of meeting between communication and digital professionals, enthusiasts. And students are obviously welcome to discuss digital issues.

New ideas for 2013 Mounira Hamdi , Anthony Babkine and Adrien Rosier , organizers of the LabCom conferences. Invite you this time to discuss innovative ideas for 2013. Returning first of all to the campaigns that marked the year 2012. Such as the Red Bull Stratos operations and My People’s Choice by Optic 2000… Increasingly, brands are choosing to link their online and offline communication.

New Ideas for 2013


Just go to the page dedicated to the event to reserve your place now. Stakeholders The conference ” Com’ & Digital Trends: Ideas that kill for 2013 ” will be led by several speakers recognized  Jordan WhatsApp Number for the relevance of their ideas on communication and digital technology..

It is located in Paris, on January 21, 2013, from 6:45 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. It will take place in the premises of the partner Bouygues Télécom, which will then offer a cocktail to the participants. Good conference. We have all used The Pirate Bay service at one time or another to search for Torrents. Either by conviction, or because the legal offer is insufficient .

A Free Conference on Digital Trends

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A documentary film retracing the history of the torrent sharing site (which has since become a political party ). And its founders will be “released” soon. The film directed by Simon Klose will focus particularly on the year 2009, when a real legal battle took place in Sweden over copyright. And a record fine of 13 million dollars for copyright infringement. The official trailer was released recently. The opportunity to discover the first images of the film. Sign of the expectation of Internet users.  To find out, go to the film’s official website .

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