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Avoid using jargon in customer service surveys Jargon can make respondents feel unintelligent. Use clear and direct language that does not require the respondent to consult a dictionary. Here’s an example of a slangy survey question: “What is your CAC:LTV ratio?” This survey question assumes the respondent is familiar with both acronyms as well as the ratio as a business metric, which may not be the case. If the survey question includes acronyms, abbreviations, or any specific words from a lexicon, simplify it to ensure greater understanding . This question should break down the definitions of these terms and provide an answer option that accounts for the fact that the respondent does not have such data at hand. Run away from the double negative Double negatives are confusing and irritate respondents.

possibly to the point of not wanting to complete the survey. Here is an example: “Would you avoid not using Google?” The survey question should have been phrased as “Do you use Google?”, where the meaning is very clear. Double Iran Phone Number negative questions also make it difficult to analyze the results when you receive the survey. Think about it: how can you tell which statement the respondent agrees with if the question is structured in a confusing way? Don’t write double-edged questions Double-edged survey questions pose two questions at once. If you present two questions at the same time, respondents won’t know which one to answer and your results will be misleading.

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Here is an example of a double-edged survey question: “Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with your compensation and career growth at your current job?” If the respondent is happy with their compensation, but unhappy with their career growth, they won’t know whether to select “Satisfied” or “Dissatisfied” as their response. Instead, ask two different survey questions. That way, respondents won’t be confused and the resulting data will be clear to you. Encourage respondents to answer all questions It’s hard to profit from a survey if users say “No comment” or “Not relevant” as an answer. To avoid this, provide the participant with response options that take into account all possibilities to reflect the best possible information. Use a more specific answer option, such as “I’m not sure.

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so you can get the most out of your survey. Always provide an alternative answer The goal of your customer service survey should be to get customer feedback , but you don’t want this process to come at the expense of customer comfort. When you ask questions, be sure to include the option “I prefer not to answer this question.” Although you will lose the response, customers will not feel obligated to hand over sensitive information. The other benefit of including this option is that you can measure the ability to write a survey. If customers continue to leave questions blank, you’ll know it’s because of the wording or its structure. You can then re-evaluate your survey design and optimize it for better engagement. Make sure the questions are clear and concise.

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The best surveys are short and only take a few minutes to complete. In fact, your completion rate can drop by as much as 20%.  If your survey takes longer than seven or eight minutes to complete. This is because customers have busy schedules and will more in your survey.  If it is a shorter time commitment. test your survey Testing.  Your questions is one of the best ways to see whether or not your survey is effective with your customer base. You can post earlier versions of your survey to see how participants react to your questions. If you’re experiencing low engagement or poor feedback, you can modify your survey and fix user barriers . That way, you’ll make sure your survey is perfect before you send it out to all interested parties.

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